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Inside secrets of blogging

Inside secrets of blogging

Some hope I’ll write about how to blog effectively or give links to some secret methods of blogging. The matter is I’ve just recieved an ad of the seminar called “Inside secrets of using blogs effectively in your marketing mix” and would like to share my opinion on it.

Are you managing a blog… or thinking about starting one for your company? Don’t miss our 90-minute online seminar

I’m not going…because that’s pointless.

So, what’s the aim of such seminars? Just to take moneys I think. Those are focused on corporates and euntrepreneurs entirely. And now it’s awesome to use blogs in your marketing strategy to create buzz and make you company to look morden as well. But what adout inside secrets? I’ve read a lots of articles, posts on effective blogging, how to make your blog appealing, how to become an effective blogger and frankly, those are useless except of the tips how to make your blog useful for readers (I mean links to RSS, bookmarks, recent posts, comments, design in general).

So there are no secrets how to blog. One just should like it (blogging) and make the content appealing. Do it and you blog (personal of corporate) find readers. One can say: “But there are should be secrets to make appealing content!”. The answer is yes, there are. Write about that is interesting for you if it’s personal blog and that let your clients see you company from the other side not like a commercial structure if you are a corporate blogger. You’ll be succeeded! =)

Don’t seek for inside secrets ) there are no ones.


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